An intentional word...

by Christina

Picking one word for 2016 was harder than I imagined. I read today that the word of the 2016 is "identity". Oddly, that didn't make my list; actually it never crossed my mind. But, I can certainly say that many words have been considered.

I began a list in a journal and that led to the next one and so on.  And here I sit without one word identified. That's right, I captured 30 words and then whittled down the list to 3.

Simplicity. Last week I blogged that 2015 could be characterized by the word "gratitude". With more reflection I am reminded that 2015 was a year of simplifying. While I still have many miles left on my journey to simplify, I can honestly say that a lot of decisions were made to lead a simpler life. Most importantly was the decision to sell our acreage and move back into town. We now live just over a mile from campus and I can walk to work which has brought me great joy and substantially less time in the car. The second rewarding part of the move was the purchase of a much smaller home with a lot LESS more "stuff" had to leave. It's been liberating. So last year was the act of simplifying but 2016 is the year of simplicity...reminding myself that each purchase, each project, each "yes" has to reflect a simple life.

Completion. I like to start projects. I am a process person perhaps even a "process addict" if there ever was such a term. I LOVE to start new projects but as soon as the project gets boring or I hit a bump in the road I have a tendency to move on to the next project. Don't get me wrong, I definitely get things done but not nearly as many as I start. With my focus on "simple" I've been able to begin facing this little monster I've created. So, this year will be a bit more focused on finishing projects whether ones sitting in my [small] closet or ones that I choose to begin.

Balance. This one isn't new to my list of intentions but the pursuit of living a "balanced" life continues. In many ways this "balance" is intertwined with "simplicity" and "completion". When I take on too many commitments whether family, work, health or knitting-related and I fail to complete said-tasks,  this triggers the feeling of being "out-of-control". Ironically this leads to less "me" time and my time for wellness dwindles.


Over the past month I have spent a lot of time planning the 2016 activities for The Healthy Knitter. If you are interested in walking AND knitting AND healthy, wholesome food then stay tuned. There will be patterns themed on nature rich with texture, cables and/or lace, at least one mystery knit-along AND walk-along, patterns with recipes and walking information, some give-aways, a freebie pattern and LOTS more.

I've decided to blog more frequently and will send a weekly update on Fridays to keep you posted. My intent is to continue to share The Healthy Knitter designs and pattern promotions as well as information on health and wellness, interesting blogs I follow, what's on my needles, musings from my walks and other random thoughts about life, family, nature, simplicity, completion and "balance".

In August I'll be travelling to Scotland for a huge adventure. I'll be sharing more about this in the upcoming months. It will be a journey of strength, courage, time for self, LOTS of walking and definitely knitting. I'll save the details for later...

May your new year be filled with knitting, walking, whole foods, joy and peace.

Knit one. Walk two...