The number 66...

by Christina

My favorite number is 66. 

The first house I remember from my childhood was 66 St. Lawrence St.

My birth year is 66.

But there is a little known fact about this number that makes it really special. Did you know it takes 66 days (10 weeks) to form a new habit?

A habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur unconsciously.

66 you know what happens 66 days from today? That's right. January 1 (which happens to be my half birthday) but also the infamous day for setting goals for the upcoming year.

If you start tomorrow with your new goal, in theory, by the time you reach 2016  it will be a habit!

A habit could be positive or negative. Since I like to avoid messages such as "don't do this..." selecting a positive behavior seems most appropriate. I know I need to drink less coffee and tea but how can I phrase this as a positive message? Here's my goal for the next 66 days. Let's see if it is routine by January 1.


Drink water at least 8 oz of water morning, noon and night.

What's your goal for the next 66 days? Can't wait to hear.