A humbling experience...

by Christina

I'm inspired. Inspired by all the amazing people that have joined the mystery KAL and walk-along. Their stories, their motivation, their presence...

mKAL shoes and yarn

I'm grateful. Grateful that others want to join together during the month of November to knit and walk.

When I conjured up the idea of hosting a walk-along in conjunction with a mystery knit-along, I never imagined that it would be met with such enthusiasm. We are creating a community of knitters, a network of like-minded people that are focused on their health.  It's a walking movement for knitters. Just imagine if each person in the walk-along asks one person to make a commitment to walking this month and they ask one person etc...think of all the miles that we will have walked collectively.  

If you are in the mKAL and WAL and you use Instagram. Please take photos from your walk (not the knitting part as we don't want to spoil the surprise for anyone) and post on Instagram using the hashtag #amarchthroughtime.

I love walking on the country roads.  Through the seasons the cornfields keep me company. Each season comes with a completely different visual. Here are some of my fall shots taken on a recent walk.

Knit one. Walk two.