The bright side...

by Christina

As many of you know we are in the midst of the 1st ever Healthy Knitter mystery knit-along and walk-along. So far, it's been amazing, inspiring, and beyond my expectations.  I've been walking LOTS and able to fit in lots of extra mini-walks throughout the day. It's been good.

But then something happened...

Something unexpected...

...and it wasn't a good thing. Yup, really put a damper on my walking.

See these steps, these beautiful grey textured steps. I was late for a meeting, locked myself out of my office, ran to get the spare keys from a distant office and jumped off these steps. I knew when I pushed off that my calf was...well, let's just say "toast".

I slowly made my way back to my office (someone else finished my run to get the spare keys) and waited for a ride home. I sat in my office, feeling a bit nauseous from the pain, thinking about all the ramifications...what about my walking?

The next day I saw the dr. He provided me with the "boot". He referred me to the podiatrist where I received my "marching orders". Wear the boot at all times except sleeping or showering and come back in two weeks.

You may be wondering why this is titled "the bright side". Honestly, it took me a few days to find the silver lining in this situation. And then it came to me.

For the past year I have worked hard to find an approach to being physically active that was sustainable. In the past I have prioritized my activity which led to over-doing and I would ultimately get injured. I made a vow to myself that I would find a way to stop the yo-yo pattern of activity (aka gung-ho for several months followed by very little activity for several months).

This is the first injury that I've had that was "just cuz". And to me that was progress.

Weird, fluky things happen. We get hurt. We get back up and carry on. I'm motivated to have my calf heal. I have big plans in the upcoming year that involve a lot of walking. I must be patient.

Perhaps your walking or activity plans have been influenced by unforeseen circumstances. It happens. Make a plan for how you can get back on the trail.

Knit one. Walk two.