The sound of silence...

by Christina

The Healthy Knitter blog has been a bit quiet over the past couple of months. Fear not, I've been busy working on many fun and healthy projects to bring your way over the next couple of months.

It's also been an amazingly busy time for my family. For 7 months we were blessed with the opportunity to return to Bozeman, MT our former home while I was on sabbatical. It was a productive time for work, hikes and trail runs, quality time with my family plus I was able to get the Healthy Knitter launched.

But I do miss this...

MT view.jpg

In July, we packed up our rental home and headed to McCall, Idaho for our annual summer get-away. Time for family, walks in the forest, early morning knitting on the dock, lots of coffee and playing in the water (when it wasn't raining).

Vista on an early morning run alongside the shores of Little Payette Lake in McCall, ID

Vista on an early morning run alongside the shores of Little Payette Lake in McCall, ID

Then it was back to the prairie of Iowa. One of the things I missed the most while I was away were the prairie flowers. Splendid as ever!

We returned to a new home. Well, new to us and much smaller than our former home.We down-sized...yup, left the larger home, the storage, the extended 3-car garage, and the barn plus acreage for a simpler life. We moved back into town, a smaller home with very little storage, a small 2-car garage and no barn. I know, what were we thinking?! But when I walk or ride my bike to work each day I remember exactly why we made this choice.

We are slowly emptying out the storage units and sifting through all the belongings that we weren't able to let-go of prior to our Montana adventure. There is simultaneously great pleasure from letting go of "stuff"  but also the challenges that come with minimizing. I haven't started sorting the yarn yet...and that is going to be the hardest part of all. Where will it all fit?

The first unveiling of the Healthy Knitter progress is the newest pattern "Knit Your Peace". I must admit this one is an all-time favorite. If you are looking for an easy, mindless knit that results in an exquisite product, look no farther...Knit Your Peace is the answer.


Post a photo while knitting "Knit Your Peace" or a photo of a place that conveys peace to you on Instagram using the hashtag #knityourpeace and I'll regram your photo.  A peaceful world begins with the choices that each one of us makes! May knitting this cowl bring you peace!

Peace has overcome my daughter at the cabin in Idaho while wearing "Knit Your Peace".  Let me know how you like the pattern. There is a 20% off special through September 20 on Ravelry! 

knit your peace Lola.jpg

May you find peace in everything you do!

Knit one, walk two.