Peace-along Day 2...

by Christina

What an overwhelming response to the start of our journey. Comments are pouring in via email, on this blog, and Ravelry. It is truly an honor to read what others consider peace means to them. As I reflected on yesterday's questions I learned a few new things about peace. I've certainly spent many a walk contemplating the concept of process vs. product as it pertains to walking, knitting and life but my big a-ha realization was that peace is a's never over. The minute our relationship with peace becomes static it vanishes. 

I mentioned to someone that I have a  "peace journal." The title of it is actually "My Journey with Peace." I started it several weeks ago shortly after I launched Project Peace. As Project Peace grew by leaps and bounds every day I wanted to capture my thoughts so I could one day remember this peace movement that is spreading throughout the world. I'd encourage anyone that's interested to consider starting a small journal to capture your thoughts even if it's just words here and there. 

Quick update: almost 19,000 people involved.

Peace Tip #2. 

Speaking of words. Now that you've had an opportunity to contemplate what peace means to you, I've created a simple sheet that you can download (just hover over the document and click on it to get the downloadable pdf). Or if you are using a journal you can create your own doodled version of the word peace. 

Take a few minutes for you, grab a cup of _____ (fill in the blank with your favorite beverage) and write down words, a phrase, expression or even a sentence that reflects your meaning of peace beginning with the letter "p," and then "e," etc. For example "P" might be purity, proactive, people. 

May your day be filled with peace...