by Christina

Do you ever go through the day and wonder "where did the time go?" Does your mind wander and it's not really a daydream? Have you ever knit a row and then realized you have no idea where you are in the pattern? Or been listening to someone talk and not been able to keep your attention on their words? 

My examples could go on and on. I recently had an experience that made me aware of how un-present I can be. I was eating lunch with my daughter and I'd broken an egg roll in half. I ate my half. A few minutes later, wanting to eat the other half I noticed it was gone. I proceeded to ask her if she'd enjoyed her egg roll. "Mom, I didn't eat it, you did." Back and forth we went for a few minutes until I was convinced I'd eaten the other half and not even remembered doing so. 

Living in the moment, being present...not I. Chalk it up to overwhelm, fatigue or just not paying attention. How many times do we go about our day and tune out either intentionally or unintentionally? While reading, walking, driving, talking to others, eating, even knitting. How can we be more present with our actions? There's just something about not being present that seems, well, un-peaceful.

Peace tip #10

Being present in our actions, all our actions is challenging; an admirable goal but not the best place to begin. Several people have made some wonderful comments through the course of the peace-along that could be helpful. Today, set aside some time to be present. Maybe it's while you knit, take a walk, listen to music or eat your supper.

Here are a few suggestions to help you remain present on your chosen task:

  • Repeat "With every stitch, I am more peaceful"
  • Set an alarm twice a day to stop and think about peace (from Natalie, a reader)
  • As you walk, repeat "I am peace"
  • Create your own "mantra" for your chosen activity. 

If you wish, share your mantra in a comment below; perhaps it will resonate with someone else.

A word about the pattern, Project Peace. The stitch pattern includes two rounds that require you to pay a little more attention and then by design there are two rounds of simple knitting. Allow the stitch pattern to bring you into focus and then allow your mind to wander away. If you are working on a different project allow yourself to find this rhythm.  

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift; that’s why they call it the present.
— Eleanor Roosevelt
Glen Etive and Buachaille Etive Beag in the Highlands of Scotland, peace abounds...

Glen Etive and Buachaille Etive Beag in the Highlands of Scotland, peace abounds...