Lucky thirteen...

by Christina

It was a restless night, when you are asleep but not completely. For me, it's the tell-tale sign that something is on my mind. Not enough to keep me awake but enough to keep me from having a good night's sleep. It only took a few hours into the next day for me to pinpoint the "issue." It has to do with today's tip; knowing that to create a meaningful tip I needed to suggest something that I didn't think I could actually do. And that just didn't seem right.

In my family of creation, when my kids were little, I came up with a saying "keep the peace." I was tired of the bickering and was trying to get them to understand that at some point someone had to decide to end the squabble. It didn't mean you were giving in and defeated, it just meant that you were bigger than the situation and could walk away. I wish I could say that it worked like a charm for those young kids of mine. Perhaps not so much at that time but several years later my son had to give a talk about a family saying. He picked "keep the peace;"  apparently he had understood my intent despite not always following my advice.

Choosing peace doesn't mean you have to be passive or you are giving in.  

Peace is about being kind to yourself and others around you.

Choosing peace isn't always the easiest option.

And this brings me to today's tip...

Peace tip #13...

Let's spread peace to those around us with kind thoughts and actions. 

  1. First, peace begins with YOU. Give yourself a little pat on the back and tell yourself something you do well and are proud of. Put that piece of paper, place it in your pocket and re-read it throughout the day.
  2. Write a note to someone you respect or look up to. Perhaps it's someone you don't often praise but you should. Leave this note for them so they'll find it. You might find that this is so much fun that you repeat multiple times. 
  3. Finally, think of someone that you don't get along with (e.g. co-worker, family member, someone that might have different viewpoints than you) as much as you wish. Write them a positive note. Send it or not but definitely put those thoughts on paper.
From "A Liturgy of Ordinary Radicals" by  Okoro, Wilson-Hartgrove, Claiborne

From "A Liturgy of Ordinary Radicals" by Okoro, Wilson-Hartgrove, Claiborne

In full disclosure, it's #3 that was the root of my restless sleep. I know exactly who I should shower with peace but I haven't felt that I could be that big of a person. Whether it was a coincidence or fate, yesterday morning I received an email from said person and I knew that I could reply with a positive "thank you." I know it was small but I was able to genuinely say thank you and it felt good. It felt right to allow something good to be associated with this individual. I wish I could say that said person replied with "your welcome" and now we are the epitome of collegiality. Alas, I cannot. However, I can say it brought me great peace in a situation that has plagued me with angst for several years.