Hello number 15...

by Christina

Yesterday was beyond belief. Thank you to all for posting a comment. There were almost 200 comments; all magnificent. I was moved to tears multiple times. I would encourage anyone looking for some evidence that peace can be a reality to read each and everyone of the comments. The winner of the give-away was Martha. Please send me an email (thehealthyknitter at gmail dot com) Congratulations!

As much as my heart was lifted with hope and promise yesterday, I find myself saddened by the world affairs, specifically regarding Aleppo. As I read more on the current events and struggles I found myself thinking that my approach to creating peace was insignificant. Here are 1000's of people truly suffering. 

And so I took my concerns to the mat (aka yoga) to contemplate and simultaneously escape. To say the class was uplifting would be an understatement. I was deeply moved throughout the class by many of the pearls of wisdom provided by the instructor. And then there was the final song (peace tip below). I was reaffirmed that world peace can only happen when individuals choose peace. I know it's true that so many people can't make that choice but let's look at it from the other side. How many people in the world CAN make this choice?

Peace tip #15

I'm including another song for you. Probably all of us have heard this song. You many even have some strong emotions or feelings attached to it. Listen now and then read on.

Everyone talks about world peace. Humans have been in pursuit of peace for 1000's of years. So, what does world peace mean to you? It's a phrase we use all the time but just like defining "peace" we need to have a firm understanding of what it is we are seeking. 

Please leave a comment. Our collective ideas are better than one alone. Tomorrow we'll talk about some action steps. 

Until then...may you find peace in every stitch and step (if you aren't in the midst of a polar freeze, brrrrr)...