Salut seventeen...

by Christina

I've quite a few ideas for you today so I'm going to just jump right into the tips. 

Peace tip #18.

Several suggestions for you today as we continue to identify simple ways to cultivate peace in our day.

1. There is a wonderful (free) app called BrainyQuote. Each morning at 8 a.m. I receive a quote of the day. It's amazing how the quote helps remind me of the "big picture" whether it's about peace, change, gratitude, the importance of education, etc. So even after our daily peace-along shifts to a non-daily approach, you'll have a nice little quote to guide you through the day.

2. Create a gratitude "jar." Each day write a little note for something you are grateful for in your life. Place it in the jar. If you choose to do this each day after 1 year, you'll have a collection of 365 things to remind me of the good in your life. I've seen this done with nice glass jars and fancy lids but really you can do this with a bowl, envelope or whatever moves you. It's nice to have the notes be small rather than a notebook so you don't get overwhelmed with having to write lots.

Perhaps you want to start a gratitude jar as a present for someone else...write some notes about what that person means to you (or get several people to contribute). Then whenever they need some inspiration they can go to the gratitude jar. 

3. Many of you are making the peace cowl as a gift for someone in need, a loved one, friend or a complete stranger. Lisa has once again provided us with another version of the Project Peace cover page. This time in the form of a greeting card. You can print and then fold the page in half. You'll just need to find an envelope. Now when you gift the cowl, you can write a peaceful note to the recipient.

May you have a productive day in whatever form or shape that takes for you. Perhaps it's preparing for the upcoming holidays, spending times with friends and/or family, or maybe just a quiet, relaxing day. May you find time for peaceful knitting and perhaps a walk if the weather is not too dangerously hot or cold.