On the 24th day...

by Christina

I'm sitting here in front of my Christmas tree thinking about everything that has taken place since November 10, the day I sent Project Peace out into the world. I've so many emotions running through me...grateful for all the people that I've met, enriched by knowing how many have connected with new people, and utterly thankful for the number of people that have engaged with peace. My heart has grown three times and then some. I've felt the amazing things that can happen when people focus on the good in life; taking a few minutes each day to be calm and centered. If anyone is in need of some evidence, pour yourself a cup of tea and read through all the comments from December 14 and 21. It's pretty incredible. 

Project Peace provided an opportunity to step away from all of the world's negativity and to contemplate our options...continue to be overcome by fear or to consider choosing a path focused on peace. It's not to say that the horrific events in our world are non-existent but rather that we need to do what we can to make the world a better place. 

And how we make the world a better place is up to each one of us. I know that for me it starts with choosing peace each day. I must let go of reacting to the actions of others. I must be grounded yet flexible with those around me ...just like a tree. The other night at yoga, the instructor said "stability without mobility is rigidity" and that my friends would be one of those trees that snaps in a windstorm. I want to be a "tree" that is rooted with compassion and kindness and able to sway with whatever storm blows my way. 

On December 21, I asked all of you "where do we go from here?" There were amazing ideas. I will be taking the next week to contemplate how I can continue to promote the peace-volution (as someone called it) in the knitting community and beyond. Several people said that it's like throwing a pebble in the water...one pebble in and multiple ripples extend out as a result. That's what we are doing...ripple effect.

I've decided to publish some patterns in January and February that will be focused on SNOW (see Day 3).  All of them will be accessories, a couple will be what I'm calling "peaceful knits," and a few might encourage you to spread your wings and try a new technique or two. I've also made a decision to use only "ethically-sourced" yarns in my patterns. I'll be talking more in the future about what "ethically-sourced" means but it certainly relates back to our peace tip "where does your yarn come from." 

One of the first patterns will use the gorgeous yarn Range in the colorway "snow" by  Hinterland Textiles . Created from home grown alpaca and Canadian Rambouillet. Read more about the origins of this yarn and a truly inspiring story.

One of the first patterns will use the gorgeous yarn Range in the colorway "snow" by Hinterland Textiles. Created from home grown alpaca and Canadian Rambouillet. Read more about the origins of this yarn and a truly inspiring story.

I'll also be organizing some sort of peace-along for the next Solstice (June 21). So stay tuned for those details after I let the idea percolate for a bit.  And yes, the peace-along in December will be annual...next year I'm thinking "Operation Peace." Let's make this most well-known and celebrated knitting event there is.  I love the idea of knitting on the 21st of each month for a specific charity. Again, I'm putting this one in the pot for thought as I know I'll find a way to creatively link all this together. 

In the meantime, if you are looking for another peaceful knit you will enjoy Knit Your Peace (KYP), the cowl that started the peace-along idea. While I didn't use the i-cord edge, I would certainly use it any on any future KYP cowl. 

The winners of the Knitcircus give-away (drum roll please)... please email me (thehealthyknitter at gmail dot com) and I'll connect you with the wonderful staff at Knitcircus. 

Linda wrote this...As I knit the waffle pattern, I observed that the s1wyb stitches appeared to be as 'bridges', over the undercurrent purl sts beneath. This brought to mind the thought that one way for me to carry this forward, is to reach out, and be a bridge builder towards others, and extend grace to those who are different and may think and live differently to me. I cannot give away what I do not posess, and so I need to be filled and live from, a place of peace myself, and extend grace and peace to everyone I meet.
I shall be using the waffle pattern in baby blankets I knit to give to young moms and their babies, with whom I volunteer.

And Betsy who wrote this: I remembered a saying from years ago " each one, teach one" and this changed it for me to "each one reach one". My "peace bubble" reaches out to include those around me and then their's spreads and grows, what I knit and give spreads more peace and so it continues. My heart is strengthened by the peace I get from the knitting itself and from the giving of the finished project.

An extra bonus peace tip...

And just because it's hard to break a habit I'd like to provide you with another song. I intended on including this on the last day but decided to use the Vivaldi pieces instead. So as I contemplate Christmas and reflect on my hopes and dreams for spreading peace I'm reminded of a song I sang as a kid while sitting high up in the neighbors tree daydreaming of all the possibilities that life could bring. 

Listen here...

Peace be with all of you...