A Healthy Knitter adventure

by Christina

This year will be filled with adventures.  This week marks the first of several very special excursions. When our children were younger it was challenging to find the time for a vacation. Our time was limited as were our resources. My work scheduled followed the academic year calendar and my husband worked a sales job that peaked in the summer months. Our vacation became a visit to the family cabin in Idaho with the extended family whether it was 3 days or at the most a week. Although it was wonderful I often felt we should have a vacation that was just our family.  Over the years, the cabin became a place I cherish...my children know that we go to the cabin each year. They count on it. Our oldest is now 18 and a senior. Despite loving our time at the cabin, we wanted a trip that was just for the 5 of us. But what could we do that wouldn't cost a years worth of tuition?

We settled on a trip to Moab. We decided to rent a townhome instead of a hotel to provide us with a little more space and left the dog at home. We travelled from Iowa to Denver on Sunday. We stayed a couple of miles away from the house where my grandparents lived during my childhood. It was an emotional time for me as it was the first trip back to Denver since my grandmother passed away...and to be so close to their home. So many amazing memories came rushing back.

Upon rising on Monday morning, my husband and I decided to venture out for a little exercise. He on his run and I on my walk. We asked the desk clerk for ideas on where to go...she had none. It always catches me a little off guard when people respond with complete surprise that one would choose to partake in activity. We said "thank you" and ventured on. I found a little park called "Grant Tree Park" that satisfied my need for movement, solitude and a view of the Front Range on one side and Downtown on the other.

Oddly, spring is a little farther along in Denver than Iowa. There were more blooms and leaves on the trees. The dull roar of 6th Avenue was ever-present, just as I remembered from my childhood. Funny how certain sounds can transport us back to long ago. Despite my concerns of not being able to find a suitable walking place based on the reactions of the hotel desk attendant, I was pleased with my discovery.

Leaving Denver on I-70, we travelled through winter in the mountains, a wind storm in western Colorado and were met with rain in the desert once we arrived in Moab.

More tails of adventure tomorrow...