Camino de Paz, November KAL and walk-along

by Christina

It's almost November and that means it's time for the annual Healthy Knitter knit-along and walk-along. In years past, I've conducted this as a mystery KAL yet this November I decided to change things up just a bit and be transparent. For those of you that just can't take the leap with a mystery KAL, this ones for you.


Meet Camino de Paz, the path of peace. Knit and walk (not simultaneously of course) the path of peace in November and find yourself ready for Project Peace (kicks off 12/1). Camino de Paz is a simple color work cowl using 2 colors of sport weight yarn. It's the perfect first color work project yet equally rewarding for the knitter with lots of color work experience. The finished size is just right to wear on a walk to ward off a chill. Finally, it's just the right size project for gift case you needed to knit up a quick gift for someone. 

Of course, there's a back story to this pattern. Pour yourself a wee cuppa to find out about the inspiration behind this cowl. 

The idea for this cowl began on December 24, 2016. We'd just finished Project Peace 2016 and my life had been forever altered as a result of all the wonders that occurred during those magical 21 days. Each new day was filled with inspiration and several of those moments have been turned into patterns including Camino de Paz. 

The motif. It was Christmas Eve and hard as I tried to focus during Mass, I couldn't take my eyes off the shirt worn by the woman sitting in the pew in front of me. It was a struggle that went like this attention, don't forget this pattern, pay attention, oh where is my phone to take a photo when I need it, pay attention, don't worry as you'll never forget this motif, pay attention, wait what did it look like again? ...  it was days before I was able to sketch out the motif. I'm still not sure if the motif that I drew was actually the pattern on this woman's shirt but I liked the result nonetheless.


The name. In February, I visited my parents in Albuquerque. On a late night trip to the co-op, I found some yogurt labeled "Camino de Paz." Of course, this caught my attention. Peace yogurt...I had to try. Best yogurt E.V.E.R. Turns out that Camino de Paz is a middle school north of Santa Fe that teaches the students to farm (produce, sheep, goats) and sell the products at local farmer's markets. I'll share more about this school as we near closer to December. It only seemed right that there should be a pattern named Camino de Paz. 

The Walk-along. For all the walk-alongs, I try to name the pattern with some word that has to do with walking. It just seemed like Camino de Paz was the perfect name for a walk-along.

November is one of those months that can be challenging to walk. As the weather changes, our thoughts of getting cozy on the sofa with a blanket, warm beverage, and some knitting prevail...walking takes a back seat. For this walk-along, the challenge is to walk every day for 30 days regardless of how far. Walk for 5 minutes or walk for 50; it doesn't matter just as long as you get up and go for a "walk." 

Giveaway. With the pattern purchase you'll receive a 30-day walking log. Fill this out each day and at the end of the month, send me documentation that you've walked all 30 days. Or you could do a 30-day post on Instagram with a photo from each walk. Use the hashtag #caminodepazwalkalong At the end of the month, everyone that walked daily will be entered into a giveaway for a project bag and some yarn (TBD) and I'll randomly select a winner. Of course, the real prize is the fact that you walked daily for 30 days. 

Need some support? Join The Healthy Knitter Ravelry group and interact with other super friendly and kind knitters that love to walk. 

The pattern. Purchase the pattern on Ravelry. Use the coupon code NOVEMBERWAL2017 to receive 20% off. After you select "buy now" there will be a link that says "apply coupon code." Click that button, enter the code and automatically see the price reduced. If you don't see the price lowered then something hasn't worked right. Please make sure that the code has worked prior to purchasing. The code is valid through Thursday November 2, midnight, Central Time.

Currently, only the information sheet is available on Ravelry. The full pattern will be released on November 1 along with the document to record your 30 days of walking. All the details about yarn requirements are listed on the information sheet (sent to you via Ravelry upon purchase) or on the pattern page in Ravelry. 

Whew, that's a lot of information. I'm so excited about this pattern and can't wait to see all the new Camino de Paz cowls and to read about people's adventures. Please make sure to post photos on the HK Ravelry group. Remember to make a project page on Ravelry, click "fave" and place the cowl in your queue. All these actions help the pattern receive more attention.

I'll leave you with a wonderful quote by Thoreau. 

An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.
— Henry David Thoreau