Day 3... light a peace fire

by Christina

Peace and fire are two words that don't seem like they should be used together yet maybe it's fire that's needed to guide us on this path of peace. Long, long ago, the ability to make fire changed our lives as it not only provided light and warmth but the ability to cook food. Certainly when fire is out of control it can cause great damage as evidenced by the devastating forest fires that ravaged Washington, Idaho, Montana and British Columbia most of the summer as well as the fires in California this fall.

So, why are we talking about fire and peace today. Because without fire there would be no peace. We need the light of the fire to shine bright and guide us on this journey. The warmth of the fire is like the flame burning strong with you. And the nourishment that fire provides sustains us as we move forward. While a fireplace was certainly needed to heat our homes long ago, now the fireplace in most houses makes us think of cozy, winter days or a place where people come together.

Candles. A source of fire. Why do we light candles in our homes? I always have a candle burning in the evening hours during the winter months. Perhaps it's to contrast the dark nights, or to bring a reminder of warmth during the bitter, cold Iowa winter. Or maybe it's a reminder of the need to persevere when our dreams and hopes seem to flicker.

Over the past couple of days, there have been several suggestions on how to use candles during Project Peace. My mum told me she'll add one candle each of the 21 days so that by the end of the peace-along, she'll have 21 candles lined up reminding her to focus on peace each day. On the Ravelry group, one participant showed a photo of an advent candle... a similar concept as described above however it's just one candle and you light it daily for 30 minutes for 24 days. This particular example is a Scandinavian tradition (as stated by the Ravelrer).

Day 3. Peace tip.

I have one other candle ritual that I'd like to share. There's a group called Peace Fires, it's a "global movement uniting people for world peace and healing."  I highly encourage you to take the time to read about Peace Fires, as it's truly inspiring. During each full moon, people gather around a peace fire. Ever since I became aware of this group, I've been lighting a candle for peace during each full moon. At that time, lighting an actual fire wasn't practical since it was the dead of winter. So, I decided to light a candle every full moon as a reminder to stay focused on peace.

My peace ritual during each full moon...

My peace ritual during each full moon...

So, guess what today is? It's a full moon! Let's build a bonfire, put a log in the fire place, or light a candle. The next full moon happens to be January 1 so it'll be the perfect way to ring in the new year. Here's a link to the full moon schedule specific to your location.

I have the most delightful candle called "journey" made by Anna at Light Shine candles. Anna has graciously provided a candle to send to one of you (more below on the give-away). As I was writing this post, it struck me out how insightful it was of Anna to send "journey" as I've used that word quite a bit already in Project Peace 2017 (see Day 2).

Anna from Light Shine is also providing all of you with a 20% off coupon if you are interested in receiving a subscription box with a candle each month. Anna's family and business donates 5% of her sales from the subscription box to help build healthier communities in El Salvador.

Use the code HEALTHYKNITTER for 20% off your first subscription box called The Shine Club. The code will be good through 12/7/2017.

GIVE-AWAY: Leave a comment here on the blog about what peace means to you (if you've already posted this on day 1 or 2 that counts as well). Entries will close on Tuesday December 5, 2017 at 11:59 pm central time. I'll randomly select a a winner and announce it on the blog on Thursday's post. Leave your ravelry id in your blog post.

Don't forget to light a peace fire sometime on December 3 as a reminder to stay focused on peace and in honor of promoting world peace and healing.

light shine_450.jpg

May your full moon "fire" provide you with warmth and light as you knit peace.