Day 8... doodley-day

by Christina

I love to doodle. When I can't knit yet I feel the need to keep my hands busy, usually during a meeting, I doodle. And yes, I scribble a lot of peace-related items.

peace doodle_450.jpg

For months, I've been thinking and dreaming of a way to include some peace doodles into Project Peace. I had this vision in my head of creating a "peace-garland" including a sweater and shawl that could be printed and then strung together to hang in the window, on a tree, or around a package... Oh, but how to get that idea out of my head and into reality.

During a conversation with mentor, friend, knitter-extraordinaire, knitwear designer, writer, illustrator, and craftivist, Donna Druchunas, I described my idea, sent her a photo of the doodle above, and she turned it into something incredible. Today, I share with all of you her amazing interpretation of this vision. Her gift to Project Peace ... a peace-garland.

And I need to take this time to thank Donna, not just for this gift but also for guiding me on this knitted path for 3 years because peace is also taking the time to say thank you!

Peace Garland by Donna Druchunas

Peace Garland by Donna Druchunas

All you have to do is click on the image above and you can download the pdf document with the images. There are instructions on how to make the garland on the first page. You can choose to just use these as coloring pages or make the full garland.

You might consider using this garland to start a conversation about peace, knitting, and wooly-goodness. Perhaps you could engage a child in the process and then talk a bit about what peace means to him/her. String one in your office, decorate your local yarn store window, or public library. Color them, cut them out and use them as gift tags or scatter them on a table at a gathering. Maybe write a note about peace on the back of each one and leave them around town for others to find.

Please share your ideas on how we might use this garland. At this point, I'm quite convinced that you're an extremely creative and talented "kindness of knitters."

Day 8. Peace tip.

Peace sometimes means taking a break from all the things on the to-do list. Taking a moment to step back from everything that needs to be done and engaging in something different than your normal routine. Today's coloring pages and garland provide that chance. On the back of each of the cut-outs, write a note to yourself about things you want to remember about cultivating peace in the days, weeks, months to come.

May you find peace in taking the time to treat yourself to this activity.