Day 1...Gratitude Knit-along

by Christina

Thank you for all the interest and joy you have expressed in the Gratitude Knit-along. I thought it most appropriate that I begin with saying thank you, after all, this is a knit-along focused on gratitude. I must also say thank you to all of you for the amazing support and kindness that's been shared over the past year...there truly is a ripple effect that occurs when people act in kind, gentle, and supporting ways. As you all know, we need more of this in the world.

So, for 9 days we will focus on gratitude. My goal is to share simple ways to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. I'm convinced your actions will magnify and resonate to those around you whether those people are family, friends, or strangers.

Let's begin.

Each day, beginning today and ending with July 1 (my favorite day of the year for several reasons), I'll post a letter. You can print off the "letter" if you want to create your own banner. I must confess my skills at using Adobe Illustrator are still elementary so I'm including this as a prompt to encourage you to be as creative as your heart desires.

For each letter, write word(s) beginning with that letter or maybe it's a sentence that begins with the letter of the day. When this idea came to me, I envisioned that everyone would be able to make a banner (hence the banner on the cover page of Eunomia) that could remind them of all the things they are grateful for in their lives.

If you choose to print the letters (the banner with letter can be printed) each day you might want to do so on cardstock. I found some tiny banner pages at the local craft store that I will use...actually there were all types of banner triangles at the craft store. So, have fun with this. It's not meant to take a lot of time and if you're feeling like you don't have much time to spare then just take a minute or two each day to ponder gratitude.

I'll send an email on the 6th day and on July 1. I'll post daily here on the blog but I want to be mindful that not everyone wants a daily email in their inbox. So check back tomorrow for more on gratitude.

And since this is the first day...leave a comment regarding "G"ratitude and I'll randomly select someone to receive a Project Peace or Healthy Knitter project bag (your choice). Leave your ravid or email in the comment. All comments close by midnight tonight (6/23).