Project Peace countdown...

by Christina

It’s Wednesday… that means it’s only 3 days until we begin! Are you ready? Grab a beverage, pull up a chair for just a few moments and let me share a few items with you.

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In honor of the US holiday, Thanksgiving, I wanted to write all weekend and say how grateful I am for all of you… for the desire to be here and to share this journey together. But my inbox just kept piling up with one email after the next mostly announcing some sort of sale and I just couldn’t be one more email. It didn’t seem, well, peaceful. So, I’ve waited until after all the sales to say thank you for being here.

Honestly, I can’t wait for Project Peace. I’ve been planning, thinking, plotting, dreaming, writing, designing, and preparing for this moment for almost a year. I’ve utilized feedback, suggestions, and lessons learned to make this even better than before. I must say that as you walk the path of learning about cultivating peace, the more you learn that there’s so much more to know. As you are probably aware, peace is a complicated topic and intertwined with so many emotions, perceptions, and opinions; it’s a twisty path.

Name that goose!

One of the exciting pieces of info related to PP18 is that we will have our own mascot. Nicky from Knit for Victory has designed us our very own goose. Last year, Nicky provided everyone with a copy of her dove pattern but we’ve taken it one step farther… and now we have our own peace goose.

 THANK YOU Nicky, you are the best!

The meaning behind this goose will be revealed during Project Peace. You’ll all be receiving a copy of the pattern delivered through Ravelry later in December. For now, this little goose needs a name. The other day, I posted this photo collage on Instagram of our adorable goose and asked for name suggestions. Wow, there are some great ones but I really want your input as well since not everyone is on Instagram. Please leave a comment below with your suggestion. And if there’s a name that’s been suggested that you love, tell me that as well. I’ll choose a name on Thursday (11/29).

Name our peace goose!

Name our peace goose!

As you prepare for the beginning of Project Peace, I’ve created a little checklist to assure you are ready for 12/1…

  • left a comment with a name suggestion for our goose.

  • pattern or ebook purchased from Ravelry.

  • Invite one more person to knit for peace. We almost have 1000 knitters. Just think if everyone asked one more knitter to join, we’d double the number of knitters engaged in cultivating peace. Perhaps you’d like to gift a copy of the pattern to someone? You can do that through Ravelry.

  • yarn on hand (or ordered if that’s the case)… some have asked me about the gauge. It truly isn’t critical that you get gauge for this pattern. There is a very stretchy and forgiving aspect of this stitch pattern that as long as you like the fabric you are creating and have sufficient yardage (based on sport weight), you’ll be fine.

    • There are still yarn kits plus super kit love/peace pins available from YarnScout.

  • Identified a journal to use to keep notes throughout the 21 days. I’ll be sending you a little surprise through Ravelry on Friday that you might want to use during the peace-along…

  • Have shown the pattern some love on Ravelry: clicked “favorite,” added to my queue, created a project page.

  • Have added my pin or left a note with my location on the global peace map in the Healthy Knitter Ravelry group to mark my intention to knit for peace.

And finally, we need to make a huge peaceful roar about December 21, world-wide knit for peace day. Start making plans now… make this your special day to knit for peace whether it’s by yourself, in a public place with a sign on the table that says “knitting for peace,” hosting a group at your home or in the community, at your LYS… the list goes on. Be a seed and cultivate peace.

Well, I’m off to get some yarn packages in the mail and then off to work.

Busy times… but it’s never too busy to find time to create some peace.

Here’s to a fulfilled day with time for a few stitches, steps, sips of coffee and maybe a moment of silence…