Day 2. The letter "P"...

by Christina

And so, here we are…

A pause gives you
breathing space
so listen
to the whispers
of the real you
waiting to happen.
— Tara Estacaan

But what does it mean?

That word… peace.

I recently attended a talk on “networking.” We were asked to chat with a neighbor about anything we wanted… so everyone naturally began talking about the weather, the traffic, where to get good coffee… you know, that typical conversation you might have with someone you don’t know.

Then we were asked to dive deeper with this stranger. Have a memorable conversation. My partner and I stared at each other until that silence became just a little uncomfortable. I had to fill in that space, that void, I needed to have words buzzing about…

And so, I broke that space of discomfort… “What does peace mean to you?” I asked. The silence continued; then she sheepishly said “wow, that’s a big question. I’m not so sure I know how to answer that.” Turn about’s fairplay I suppose. She did the most expected thing one does in a situation without an answer… she asked me “well, what do you think peace is?”

Now I’d done it. In 1-2 sentences I was supposed to sum up peace. How could I do this? And there it was… out on the table. What does peace mean?

I think about the “path of peace” image from Day 1 and reflect on the multi-faceted word that is peace. And when I begin to put peace into words my mind shifts to other words that describe peace… and that takes me down the rabbit hole of words that begin with the letter “p.”




The list goes on…

pause color_350.jpg

Peace seed #2…

Today, I ask you to pause and ponder the meaning of peace. If we can’t describe it, how can we practice it.

Create a space where you can pause and sit with the silence. Perhaps you can get out of bed before anyone else and sit in the still of the morning…with or without your knitting, no phone.

So, take a few moments of your day, whether you are knitting or not and think about what peace means to you. If you need a way to get started, might I suggest you begin with listing words that begin with the letter “P.”

What does peace means to me?

What would it feel like if I had more peace in my life?

Pause and listen to the whispers… of peace.