Day 13. Permission...

by Christina

You’ve heard it before… just say “no.” One of the most popular time management tools is to say “no.” Stop taking on so many responsibilities to minimize the overwhelm, overload, overstimulation; feelings that are the antithesis of peace.

This past summer, while visiting The Net Loft, I was chatting with Dotty, the shop owner, about Project Peace. As an aside, Dotty happens to be one of the most inspirational women I’ve ever met (more about this later in Project Peace). Dotty handed me a greeting card and said “I think the message on this card is important to share during Project Peace.”

As she stood there quietly reciting the words, I felt this wave of calm ripple through my being. Whether it was the content, her soothing voice, or the awareness of being present in that very moment.

say yes greeting card image.jpg


The secret isn’t saying “no” to everything…. it’s YES to all the possibilities!

It’s about saying “yes” to the good things.


Peace seed #13.

Today, give yourself permission to say “yes.” Say “yes” to the good stuff.

I asked Dotty if she would paint one of her beautiful watercolors for today’s seed. Below is an image of the painting… cranberries, spruce sprigs, and a dove. If you click on the image, you’ll be able to print a page filled with 8 of these images. I printed them on regular paper but you might want to print on cardstock for even better resolution of the painting.

Print the cards, cut them apart, and take a moment to write down what you say “yes” to… but wait there’s more!

Giveaway #2.

Dotty has been journaling along with us during Project Peace and hopes others might do the same… perhaps after the New Year if now isn’t the right time. In my correspondence with her the other day she said “I’d like to provide a watercolor set, a linen covered journal, pen and carrying case as a give-away as a means of encouraging people to continue reflecting on the topic of peace.” Thank you Dotty for this generous, heart-felt gift!

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