Day 5. Positive...

by Christina

And we stitch on…

How many times today will you enter a password into a computer, on your phone, at the bank, on the television, into multiple websites, even Ravelry? Are you on autopilot as you enter the password? You sit down to the keyboard to type in the code and your fingers take over.

Incorrect password.

You retype.

Incorrect password.

You stop and think, do I have the right one?

Incorrect password.

You slow down to press the buttons accurately.

Incorrect password.

Your frustrations mount as you think “I know it’s this password, what is wrong?”

You persist.

And finally, you are in.

But exactly where are you now? You are “in” where?

We are safeguarding all our information in a tiny little box. And perhaps we are maneuvering in a bit of a fog as we move from one box to the next. While it’s important that our financial and personal information be kept highly secure it’s possible that the more information stored in these little black boxes might be pulling us further and further away from one another.

Having instant access to banking, maps, knitting patterns, online communities, today’s encyclopedias (e.g. Google) is a luxury… can we possibly imagine life without these items… they provide so many ways to connect people, how would Project Peace be possible without this little black box called a computer. There’s a chance that access to all this technology is doing the opposite, it’s isolating us and keeping us closed-off from positive face-to-face interactions with one another.

But can we really imagine our world without this tool? So, today’s post isn’t really about the perils of the internet but rather an opportunity to practice something a little positive as it relates to our use of technology and entering passwords.

Peace seed #5.

How many times do you enter a password every day?

I was recently entering my password and thought, wait this is a chance to tell myself something positive, over and over throughout the day. It’s a way to practice a positive affirmation. It doesn’t have to be just another step on autopilot. So, I changed all my passwords to emphasize the positive.

Find a piece of paper and write on it:


Write down 10 words that describe you or what you might like to reinforce in your life. 

For example, perhaps you want a constant reminder to embrace peace…


The beauty of affirmations is that they are short… three words, “I” “AM” and your chosen word.

Now certainly this doesn’t meet the scrutiny of a quality password so feel free to add a symbol, a space, a capital letter or number.

Incorporating a practice of reciting daily affirmations is one way to focus on positive attributes instead of the constant negative self-talk that’s so rampant in today’s world. While I don’t find it practical to add another daily task such as writing down my affirmations, I have found that inserting this simple positive message into my day by using a positive affirmation as a password has been a simple change.

Another option is to use one of your affirmations, again, I’ll use “I AM PEACE” as an example, while knitting. As you sit and knit today, with each stitch recite one of the three words.

Knit (recite I), Knit (recite am), Knit (recite peace). Repeat. In the Project Peace cowl, you’ll find the perfect place to practice this affirmation. In the seeded rib, there are 3 sequential stitches: 3 knits separated by a purl stitch (odd rows) or 3 purls separated by a knit stitch (even rows)… use those 3 stitches to recite your affirmation.

Practicing this technique while knitting can help slow us down and bring our attention to the stitches; switching from knitting on auto-pilot to engaging in the process of each stitch. We’re in such a rush to get done and move on to the next project that we often don’t stop to embrace the moment we are in… so, allow your knitting to bring you into the present, to focus on each stitch, to infuse positive energy into your work.

Notice the rhythmic and meditative section… practice positive affirmations in those stitches of the cowl.

Notice the rhythmic and meditative section… practice positive affirmations in those stitches of the cowl.

Peace… in every password and stitch.




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