Day 7. Philosophy...

by Christina

And we persist…


While attending a recent lecture, the speaker asked us “what is your career philosophy?” Hmm, I have a teaching philosophy as that’s a standard request in my field but an overall, big picture statement on what I wanted my career to be? To accomplish?

And as my mind was in the midst of it’s third summersault, she then asked “what’s your life philosophy?”

Now, I must have looked like one of those cartoons with the smoke exuding from the top of one’s head… life philosophy? My teaching philosophy centers around what I want to accomplish and how I’ll go about doing that; what I value as an academician… but apply those concepts to my life in writing in approximately a page?

My mind churned.

A page? How would I have that much to say?

A page? How could I possibly generate that much material?


Do we have a life philosophy? We may have guiding values, beliefs, and morals but a statement on what we want to do in life, how we’ll accomplish that including our values?

Wow… that moment was another game changer for me. I have pieces and parts of those but nothing consolidated or anywhere but mulling around in my head.

Perhaps I’m the only one that doesn’t have a life philosophy?

When I first began The Healthy Knitter 4 years ago, I wanted to use my professional expertise to inspire knitters to incorporate healthy habits in their daily lives. Knitting is typically a sedentary act, one where we sit while engaged in our craft. Interrupting the sitting with regular, short breaks including standing and walking are a vital component of health.

To capture my aspirations for The Healthy Knitter, I wrote a little poem…

The Healthy Knitter Poem

The Healthy Knitter Poem

When I read this poem from almost 4 years ago, I’m reminded that these are still my goals… for self and for others. If I could make any changes, after “walk every day,” I would add, “if able.” You can click on the image and download a copy of the poem if you like.

So, it isn’t a philosophy but maybe it’s a start. I’m now inspired to spend some time writing and drafting a life philosophy. I know that I want to embrace peace in my own life, plant seeds along my path and inspire others to pause and ponder peace…slowly those seeds will grow nourishing those around them.

What’s your life philosophy?

Peace seed #7.

I’ve often heard that the number one goal for most parents is they want their children to be happy. The follow-up question is always “where/how do we teach happiness?”

Take a few moments today to view the Action for Happiness website. They publish a monthly free calendar with daily tips to promote happiness.

Once you’ve settled in, jot down a few thoughts about your life philosophy. Miriam-Webster dictionary defines philosophy as the most basic beliefs, concepts, and attitudes of an individual.

Perhaps you write a poem, a mantra, lyrics to a song, or a folk-story. Maybe you write one sentence… the comment you left yesterday might just be your beginning.

pause, ponder, presence…

May your day be filled with a moment of peace…