by Christina

In early November, I mentioned I needed a new bracelet that read "health, this we choose each day". Today, I reread that post and was a bit shocked that I mentioned I needed a new bracelet. Several days after writing the post titled "journey" I bought a new bracelet.

Inscribed on the bracelet it says "believe".


While it wasn't the message I thought I needed, turns out this new bracelet is THE reminder that I need right now.

Believe in...

  • my dreams.
  • the fact that I can live a simple(r) life.
  • my ability to accomplish some wild and crazy long-term goals.
  • a peaceful life/world
  • the choices I've made that have gotten me to the place that I am today.
  • the others around me.

Sometimes we just need to find a simple message that is present each day. For me, right now it is "BELIEVE".

What do you need as a daily reminder? Where can you place this simple message to yourself?