Mystery knit-along giveaway...

by Christina

It's been an incredible journey with ~80 fellow Healthy Knitters during the first ever mystery Knit-along AND walk-along. The last clue, "Finale" will be posted on Monday. This cowl is rich with symbolism and meaning but it's all been a "mystery". I've enjoyed reading comments on the Ravelry group as well as some blog posts here and there...much to my surprise it still remains a mystery.

A March through Time...

A March through Time...

On Monday, the finale will be posted. The finale provides finishing information as well as an explanation of the theme for each section of the cowl.

I thought it might be fun for those that participated in the mKAL/WAL to post your interpretation of the theme. Everything is connected…the title, the stitch patterns and the names of each section.

Post your interpretation in the Ravelry group here by Sunday 10 pm (central time in the US) and I’ll send some yarn from my stash to the person with the best description.

I'm working on my plans for next year and have decided to offer another mKAL and WAL in April in addition to November. April and November are tough months to be active as the weather can be nasty so I thought it might be perfect timing.  I'm designing right now for the April project and am soooooo excited about the project and theme.  More on design hints to come in the next few months. So, mark your calendars now for April 2016. Walk on this winter but tread lightly if you live in an icy area.

It's not too late to join the Peace-along. While there is a knitting project involved the emphasis truly is on infusing your life with more peace. Simple little reflections that arrive each morning. If you are still interested, please join us. Just purchase the pattern Knit Your Peace and you're automatically enrolled. I really want world peace so this is my simple choice at a time.

Be the change you want to see in the world.
— Mahatma Ghandi