by Christina

Now, maybe more than ever, we need to infuse the world with peace. Ok, I'm not sure if it's more than ever as many bad things have occurred in the history of the world. But maybe now, if we collectively join together and strive for peace in our own lives we might "pay it forward" so to speak.


How can we have world peace if we ourselves can't choose peace each day?

Let it begin with each one of us...

To foster more peace in our lives, I've created 21 days of peaceful tips. A Peace-along so to speak. All of these tips have been developed to honor your own life in a peaceful way. What a perfect way to reflect on peace as we approach the end of our year.

Purchase the pattern "Knit Your Peace" a delightfully simple cowl to knit yet elegant finished product and as a thank you, I'll send you via Ravelry a peaceful message each day from December 1 through December 21, winter solstice.

knit your peace image

Knit. Peace. Walk. Peace. Repeat...