Knitting and gardens...

by Christina

Let me introduce you to my friend and illustrator-extraordinaire, Lisa. She is a true source of inspiration and has mentored me through the entry phases of learning how to create a blog. She created the "HealthyKnitter" logo for which I am so grateful. You are in for a must read on!



 Not only is she extremely talented illustrator (all these drawings are from her collection), her background is in garden design. Ok, that's not the official title but that's my interpretation.  Lisa has an amazing website and blog about garden design that you must take the time to read PLUS she is doing something really fun right now that relates to knitting.


Last week, Lisa surveyed her readers for ideas to incorporate into a garden theme.  She had lots of suggestions but guess what she picked? Yes, that's right...knitting. She is going to take us through a 4-step process on how to create a themed garden that is definitely outside the box. Read more on the topic on her latest blog post


The best part is this...she is seeking feedback and ideas while in the brainstorming phase. At first, I thought, "ok, Lisa, see what you can do with knitting and gardening" because how could she possibly create a garden with that topic? The only thought I could imagine were old metal knitting needles as stakes in the garden...but then, it was as if the flood gate of ideas opened. You could use Queen Anne's Lace (for lace, obviously), you could color block sections of the garden (intarsia) plus mix lots of colors together (stranded knitting). The possibilities seem endless. I am so excited (can you tell?) to watch this process unfold. I can't wait to start a new garden.


So, calling all Healthy Knitters...let's capture our love of knitting and being healthy in our "Knitting Garden".  Make sure to share your ideas with Lisa. I can't wait to read them.