Trust the process

by Christina

Do you remember the activity in school…the one where the teacher distributed the story and then said “read all the instructions before beginning”.  Of course there was always one student that listened whereas the rest of us began answering the long, long list of questions. For the one that took the time to read the instructions all the way through, they found a delightful message “you do not need to answer these questions…turn your paper over, sit quietly and wait”.

Really? What trickery, deceit, how unfair…ok, lesson learned. Actually, I recall being mortified. As one that considered herself a rule follower I was shocked to realize I hadn’t done as told. Moral of the story: Read all the instructions before beginning.

The same “rule” albeit unwritten exists in knitting.  Read the pattern start to finish before you begin. It’s a way of orienting yourself and to be prepared.  Whether it was the lesson taught in 5th grade or my need to follow rules, I read the pattern start to finish and then begin. Yet, I currently find myself in the midst of a situation that might lend itself to letting go of this “rule”.

loft bowl.jpg

I was recently gifted the most beautiful Brooklyn Tweed yarn by my mum.  The color “Postcard” is an exquisite tweedy blend of light grey and soft pink; in the right light the grey turns to oatmeal. It couldn’t be more perfect. The pattern is Woodfords by Elizabeth Doherty. I purchased the pattern from Ravelry therefore I was unable to read the pattern from start to finish before buying the pattern so I was committed to the process…for better or for worse.

Once in my hands, I began by reading the pattern…each time I started to read I was overwhelmed. What a ridiculously complicated pattern…how was I ever going to knit this? I read through the comments on Ravelry…no one complained. Actually the comments were quite positive “interesting construction”, “fun to knit”, “easy to follow”. What? Are we talking about the same pattern? Yet the comments gave me the courage to begin, one section at a time.

Every time I read ahead I get that same feeling of panic. I pull myself back to the section at hand. I remind myself to stay present. Don’t worry about what is to come, that is the future. Focus on the present. Let the rest fall away.

To my surprise, this intricately designed sweater is working. As long as I set aside my concerns about what comes next…no reading ahead. Stay present.

Currently, in my life, I need to put aside solving the ‘future’. I need to be more present and focused on each day. Somehow this sweater found me at just the right time in my life. There is no looking ahead…

Despite the lessons learned in 5th grade, this time, I need to take it one stitch, one step, and one day at a time. Be patient, persevere, and live in the moment.

What meaning is there in the project you are currently knitting?