A naked run...

by Christina

Running through the forest. It’s quiet, still except for the wind in the trees. No one is around. I am alone with the trees. The beautiful trees…exposed, vulnerable and aware.

I hear my breath, my heart pounds against my chest, I feel the earth beneath my feet.

The creek bubbles with excitement; full of fresh water from the mountain peaks. Moving swiftly through the forest. Spring is apparent with green leaves bursting from the tree limbs yet some branches remain bare, naked, innocently awaiting their time to shine. The bark is rough and dry; a mottled mixture of brown and white.

Amidst all the green, the bleak aspen grove is at first glance, ugly. On second thought the interconnected livelihood of the grove instill the virtue of patience. In all their glory, they too will bloom to life providing that magnificent sparkle and shimmer of light that peeks through the summer forest.

As I move along the beaten forest path, the eloquent thoughts in my mind shift from one topic to the next. My thoughts are safe, no judgment can be passed. Only I can hear the beauty of the words and truly comprehend their meaning. It all makes so much sense; it is a clear vision.

And then, the words begin to flow. I run, I speak out loud and share my thoughts exposed for all the forest to hear. At first they are jumbled and make little sense; they resemble the pre-spring aspen trees, ugly and bare. And then my words said aloud begin to inspire, to motivate.

I share my unedited thoughts with the forest.

I run faster, my heart beats louder and at this moment I know I can accomplish anything.

I speak of dreams and ambitions with the trees, there is peace.

Hope for the forest.

Hope for our world.