National "Get fit. Don't sit" Day

by Christina

Before you begin reading this. Please stand up!

Who knew? This is the inaugural day of "Get Fit, Don't Sit" sponsored by the American Diabetes Association. There is a great article about the importance of reducing our sitting time. Take a few minutes to read this (while standing)!

Don't sit.jpg

Here are some of my suggestions on how to decrease sitting time as they relate to knitting.

1. Knit 2 rows (ok, you be the judge on how long it takes for you to knit 2 rows), get up and walk for 2 minutes, repeat.

2. Knit for 10 minutes, fold a load of laundry, repeat.

3. Stand at a counter and knit (for as long as you like).

If anyone else has some suggestions on how we can break up our sitting and knitting time with some activity, please leave a comment. I can't emphasize enough how important these small breaks are at improving your health.  It might just be as important as going for that walk!

Knit one. Stand two!