Baby it's cold outside...

by Christina

I know, I said I love winter but let me clarify...I love beautiful snow-covered forests, winter wonderlands, and temperatures in the upper 20's with delicate snowfalls. Bitter cold and wind chills are not my favorite part of winter and here we are deep in the polar freeze.

It's been a week-end to spend inside, to retreat and feel grateful for shelter, warmth, and comfort food.  There's been time for family, knitting, and even taking down the Christmas tree. I was sad to see it go as removing the tree always seems to symbolize the end of the magical part of we are just in the long haul to spring. Sure, there will be many pretty wintery days left but that innocent winter that I cherish is no longer here. Then again, maybe it's just the freezing temps that makes me feel that way.

I spent the weekend knitting a new shawl that I recently designed. Blocking is next and I can't wait to see the transformation. Looking forward to sharing the new design...

I've a few projects on my to-do list and the first one will be a sweater knit in the round by Mary Jane Mucklestone called "Stopover" made with Istex Lett-Lopi yarn. Icelandic sweaters seem to be gaining popularity right now and I'm joining in on the fun with this simple, fast project with just a bit of fair-isle on the hem and yoke. A decade ago, I worked at a yarn shop that carried lopi yarns. At that time, I was not impressed as I thought the yarn scratchy and I was apparently not alone. The yarn just didn't sell in that shop. Now, I see it available at many shops and it has become a favorite yarn of mine due to it's ruggedness. It's not a soft, cuddly yarn but rather a yarn that says "wear me and you'll stay warm despite the frigid temperatures". So, it only seems appropriate with our current weather that I cast-on my Stopover.

Stay tuned for more adventures with my Stopover.

What are you knitting this winter?