The wait is over...

by Christina

At long last, the latest collection from Brooklyn Tweed has been revealed. It seems I've been receiving emails for weeks building the anticipation of the Winter 2016 collection. My, oh my, it did not disappoint. Can I quit everything I'm doing right now and knit, knit, knit? I can't tell you how many times today that I leafed through the Lookbook wishing I could knit as fast as I could read.

Here are my favorites not in any order of preference but what I wouldn't give to have these items in my wardrobe (tomorrow).

During these cold days wouldn't this just be delicious to wear while sitting on the sofa in front of the fire drinking a warm, full-bodied cup of tea? Perhaps I fell in love with this one just because of the name "Snoqualmie" as I'm fondly reminded of a time long ago when I lived in Washington state.

And what about this?

Love these cables!. This exquisite cardigan "Intersect" would be perfect for my "professional" wardrobe but would work just as well with a pair of jeans, Frye boots and a messy bun. Love it!

And finally, there is Roslyn created by one of my all time favorite designers, Veronik Avery. I am enamored with the simplicity of this dress and think it could be a long-time favorite in my wardrobe.  

It'll be a while before I get to knitting any of these but all I can say is "wow". Brooklyn Tweed has done it again with beautiful pieces to cherish.

I'm reminded of my goals for the year and to keep things simple. I'd love to get distracted by these pieces but I'm staying focused...for now.