Where have I been?

by Christina

Oh my, time seems to have slipped right through my fingers. The thought of reaching out to all of you crosses my mind almost daily but life intervenes with all sorts of busy-ness. 

But I'm back. Knowing that I'm finally sitting down to write this long overdue post fills me with hope that I'm over the hurdle and ready to share all of the activities that I've been creating over the past few months. 

The unveiling...ta-da! So many things, let's start with the most time-sensitive items and move our way down the list. 

ANNOUNCING the November mystery knit-along and walk-along beginning Tuesday the 1st.

The pre-order for the pattern is available on Ravelry. Followers of the blog can receive 20% off the pattern through November 3rd using the coupon code "WALK2017." This time around we are making a narrow cowl using color work OR stripes, your choice. This accessory is perfect for walking in brisk weather and as the weather begins to get a little nastier, we'll have the ideal thing to wear to keep the chill away.

I included a new twist for the walk-along. This time around it's a 30-day challenge. Yes, walk everyday. Now before you can even react with "I don't have time for that" try thinking "I can do this...it doesn't have to be a huge walk every day just something." So, whether it's a 5 minute walk or 50, it doesn't matter. Just make a commitment to get something done every day.

And, if you are thinking you don't have time for any other knitting projects, guess again. I designed this project so that it doesn't take all your knitting time. I'll be honest, I've been completely overwhelmed with knitting this fall. It began on September 1st. It seems that every designer started publishing fall patterns, lots of them and a plethora of sweaters that I wanted to knit. In reality, I can't knit that many sweaters, not this fall nor ever. My new approach to knitting is to make sure that what I design and choose to knit of others must be functional. That means it either is something I really need in my wardrobe or I can learn a new skill. For me, Stravaigin does just that. Walking wardrobe, check. Skill builder, check.

Let's get walking and knitting. Join us for Stravaigin. Get the pattern on Ravelry here.

I realize this is getting to be a long post. So, I'll provide you with a list of upcoming activities and I'll expand on them in the next few blog posts.

Stay tuned for this years Peace-along. A free pattern is coming for a new Peace cowl supplemented with 21 days (12/1-12/21) of tips for peaceful living. 

Inspiration for this year's Peace cowl..."Project Peace"

Inspiration for this year's Peace cowl..."Project Peace"

Since my return from Scotland, I've been writing about my experience. Over the next few months, I'll be posting my essays.

Burrastow House on Shetland near Walls, summer 2016

Burrastow House on Shetland near Walls, summer 2016

If you haven't been following Karen Templar's blog including all her posts on Slow Fashion October (SFO), I highly recommend it. The focus of SFO is to raise awareness of where our clothes come from, how they are made, what are the sources of the "fibers" used, how were the people treated that made the clothes, etc. Think "sustainability" applied to clothing. There's an emphasis on making everything by hand...or at least bringing that to mind as we make decisions as consumers. I've pondered this topic during my daily walk and I'll be providing you with my thoughts...after I finish knitting one more unfinished object that's been hanging out in my project box for far too long :)

In September I wrote a guest post on The Tolt Yarn store's blog, you can read about it here.  It is actually a nice summary of my experience in Idaho and then in Scotland. I'll leave that as a bit of teaser until next time.

Happy knitting and stepping and please consider joining us for the November mKAL and walk-along.