Snowy Walk, a new pattern...

by Christina

Is it winter? Is it spring? It's cold. It's hot. Whatever the season this break in our winter weather has cheered the spirits of many folk. I've been a bit sad about the fact that winter is leaving however the warm weather this morning with minimal wind screamed "SPRING". Perhaps it is a trick, February is rather early for spring but I'm now feeling ready for the transitional phase.

Speaking of transitions, I've created the perfect accessory to knit AND wear during these transitional months. Actually you could make one for each season depending on the color/fiber you choose.

Introducing "Snowy Walk"...

I designed this last spring when we were temporarily living in Bozeman, MT. I was so excited to be living in the mountains again with the promise of a snow-filled winter. Unfortunately there was very little snow...until April. Then, of course, it dumped, over and over again. I'd been working on this cowl and the stitch pattern reminded me of pine boughs filled with snow.

A snowy spring walk

A snowy spring walk

This is one of my favorite patterns so far for multiple reasons.

  1. Reminds of the mountains;
  2. Perfect for that transitional season;
  3. Beautiful stitch pattern that is perfect for multiple levels of knitter abilities; easy knitting for an intermediate knitter, just right for an advanced knitter with previous lace experience, and a great follow-up to lace knitting after your first lace project; and
  4. Relatively quick project to knit and that's always a bonus

I can assure you that you'll want more than one.  I've made one in grey, white, and red. I've been wearing the red all week in honor of February. I gifted the grey and wear the white a lot as it reminds me of snow. And you should know by now...I LOVE SNOW.

The pattern is available in Ravelry with an introductory special of 20% off through February 29. So if you're seeking a relatively simple project that won't take too long. The final cowl is long enough to wrap around your neck two times...the perfect length, not too long to be droopy nor too short to be too tight. Oddly, this might just be the perfect project for summer knitting as the project is a nice size and easily transportable. Hmm, I'll have to remember that for this summer.

Snowy Walk cowl knit in white. The perfect accessory for your wardrobe as we transition from winter (snow) to spring (tulip). 

Snowy Walk cowl knit in white. The perfect accessory for your wardrobe as we transition from winter (snow) to spring (tulip). 

Knit, wear, walk. What adventure will you go on while wearing this cowl?