Meet my friend Pam...

by Christina

I met Pam last winter/spring when we lived in Bozeman. I met her at two different knitting groups and was immediately drawn to her...she's calm, positive, encouraging, and a go-getter. She is always smiling. As it turns out she is a very dedicated knitter and walker. Each Saturday when I showed up for the knitting group, she would ask "what are you working on" and always remarked "that's so pretty, you must tell me when that pattern is ready". Well, I couldn't have gotten as far as I have without Pam. First, her encouragement was priceless and second, she willingly began test knitting my patterns. Just when I thought this is mistake-free, Pam would find a detail that needed fixing. It's the librarian in her...very good at noticing small details. I am so grateful for her assistance and support. And then, to find out that she is a dedicated walker. She is a great example of someone that is keeping "her body as active as her needles".

So, I share with you my interview with Pam. Knowing that Pam successfully walks through the Montana winters provides encouragement that we can all find strategies to deal with our own weather issues or other barriers.

Pam's favorite spot in Bozeman, MT...knitting in her backyard.

Pam's favorite spot in Bozeman, MT...knitting in her backyard.

Tell us a little about yourself…where you live, what you like to knit, dreams, goals, or any basic info that helps us gain a better sense of who you are.

I live in Bozeman MT now but was raised in New Jersey, went to college in Wyoming and traveled as an Air Force wife to places in the US, Europe and Asia. We still enjoy travel and are considering the Philippines as a winter destination when I finally retire. In the meantime an occasional cruise helps satisfy our travel bug - I’ve heard about knitting cruises and think that would be an incredible experience!

When you think of the word “healthy” what comes to mind?

To me “healthy” means natural and unspoiled, whether talking about the environment or food or lifestyle. That’s one thing that attracted me to the west - the wide open and less-developed spaces just seemed so much healthier.

What’s your ideal “healthy” day look like?

The ideal day: get up with the sun and take a nice long walk through the neighborhood, then come back home for a wonderful breakfast - fresh fruit has to be part of this, maybe an omelet with sauteed fresh veggies or a yogurt parfait if I have pressing plans.  Depending on the season there might be some outside work around the yard, or maybe just laundry to hang out on the line. Then there has to be time for just relaxing - knitting or reading while sitting out on the deck, enjoying the fresh air.

How do you incorporate physical activity into your day?

I’ve had a FitBit for almost 2 years and find that to be a real incentive to get more steps. During the winter I start the day on the treadmill - getting that time in first thing each day seems to make a big difference in my overall outlook. I work from home, so have to make an effort to move around. Luckily I have a 2-story house so I make sure to go upstairs as often as possible. When I go to a store I park away from the entrance to get more steps in.

Do you have a time of year that you find it harder to be active?

It’s difficult to take as many walks outside in the winter - I don’t mind the cold but don’t want to deal with ice. Even walking down the driveway to get the newspaper and mail is an effort, but I did get some ice cleats for my shoes so that isn’t an excuse any more!

What are your favorite foods?

Chocolate! Also fresh, unprocessed foods, whole grains. I don’t eat a lot of meat these days but once in awhile a good steak is just the thing.

How do you incorporate knitting, a sedentary activity into an active lifestyle?

I see knitting as a reward, so before I can sit and knit I need to have done some other activity. I also feel justified to knit while watching TV - it lets me be productive during an otherwise unproductive time. But I make a point of getting up and moving during commercials.

What’s your best strategy to being active?

My motto: Don’t sit if you can stand, don’t stand if you can walk. I just always look for any way to increase activity.

What’s your favorite activity and why.

These days walking is my favorite - it’s easy to do anywhere, any time. I used to ride my bicycle quite a bit but don’t feel my balance is as good as it used to be and don’t want to risk a fall.

What’s your source of inspiration when it comes to being active?

The opportunity to be outside, enjoying the fresh air and sounds of nature, inspires me to get out and take a walk. I also remind myself that my grandmother lived to 99 and I expect to hit 100, so I need to keep moving!