A seashell...

by Christina

The waves roll in and out with grace, strength, perseverance and rhythm.

The amount of questions one can generate watching the waves is perhaps as vast as the ocean itself.

How long did it take for each molecule of water to arrive at the shore?                                             

Will that water arrive at the shore ever again or does it return to great wide open ocean?

One lone shell rests in solitude on the sandy beach.

The waves approach the shell and gracefully retreat.

As the waves build they finally reach the simple shell covering it with sand and water.

Without regard the shell maintains its poise and let's the sand and water drift away.

The sand and water had the ability to overwhelm and bury the shell yet it did not succumb to the threats of the environment. As I walked down the beach I couldn't help but think how this shell, one simple shell had a message.

Be flexible and move with the tide; letting go of resistance.

Can you apply the meaning of this shell to your life? What forms of resistance might you have to getting outside and going for a walk.  Something to think about...

With love from the beach...