The essence of coffee...

by Christina

She walks into a coffee shop, ready to begin, ready to focus. She prepares her table, pen and paper laid out, timer set. She orders latte with whipped cream. The glasses removed to provide tunnel vision, nothing in the periphery can be seen, just the paper at hand. She's ready, the rituals have been completed...

A drink of coffee, warm in the mouth travels through the body and soothes her soul. She feels relaxed, calm, and in the zone. In the background, there is music, the click of other's computers, the chatter of meetings, and the whir of the espresso machine ready to provide coffee to others to facilitate their productivity.

Among all this clatter, she focuses, she allows these noises to quiet that distracting part of her brain. She writes about travels throughout the world, people she has met, fond memories, stories she has created from watching others.

She remembers...

She dreams...

All is good.

She creates new stories...stories that match what people are wearing. Where they would wear these clothes...

the parties,

the music that would be playing,

the walks in the snow through the forest.

She dreams of a relaxed, care-free life. One where money matters very little. She stops and takes a drink of her coffee...time to pause and reflect on the need for money. She wraps her hands around the cup of coffee, breathes in and slowly exhales.

She imagines herself walking on a path through the tall trees, sheltered from the world.

She imagines a world filled with peace.

She conjures up images of warm wooly clothes...she is elegant yet earthly casual.

She walks and appreciates her surroundings.

Her heart is filled with love...all because of a simple cup of coffee.

Do you have a favorite spot that allows you to be your most productive self? Where is it? What rituals do you have to prepare yourself to get some serious work completed? Knowing this about yourself can help you reduce the distractions of daily life that stand in your way of finishing what you finally what done.