A big day...

by Christina

Today is the International Day of Happiness. While it sounds a bit corny it's actually a United Nations sanctioned holiday to remind people of the importance of having happiness in their lives. Since 2011, the UN has requested "a more inclusive, equitable and balanced approach to economic growth that promotes the happiness and well-being of all peoples." The first International Day of Happiness was in 2013 and always occurs on March 20.

The day is coordinated by the Action of Happiness that represents over 160 countries. You can take the pledge here to join in the efforts to create happiness around the world. Lots of great resources and ideas can be found on this website to cultivate happiness.

The UN just released the World Happiness Report (who knew that such a thing existed) including a list of the happiest countries. The top spots were Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and Finland rounding off the top five. The rankings were based on factors like “caring, freedom, generosity, honesty, health, income and good governance,” the report said. Another reason to go on a trip to Scandinavia, Iceland and Switzerland. What an adventure that would be and I know it would make me very happy! How about you?

And here's something to be very happy about...It's equinox! That means spring or fall depending on your location. It's a sunny day in the 60's with a few buds on some trees. But just like spring we are headed back to colder weather the rest of the week. Yesterday I went on a walk hunting for signs of spring. Most of what I found looked a bit drab like this...

but then I started looking more closely and found a few trees with a hint of green...

some small plants making their way out of the earth...

and the most exquisite moss growing in a pool with the reflection of the still bare trees.

Patience, spring is just around the corner. What's popping up in your area?


The first round of Project Peace bags have been wrapped, invoiced, packaged and are ready to ship. I'm headed to the post office this evening. It was so much fun writing the addresses...these bags are literally going all around the world. To each corner in the US including Alaska, several to both shores in Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands. The second round of bags are set to be made as soon as the fabric arrives. Stay tuned.

Winner announced: It was so encouraging to read all the wonderful suggestions on how to spread peace. Keep all the fantastic ideas coming as the more we share, the more we accomplish. I've selected Martha (Ravelry: threadsgal) as the winner of the project bag. Please send me an email (thehealthyknitter@gmail.com).

For several weeks I've been stating that pre-orders would begin for the mystery knitalong and walkalong this week. I need to push that back a bit. I've got several things going on in my life that have taken a lot of time. I'll be able to share more in the future but for now please know that I'm making a lot of progress just not quite finished with anything.  I have 4 designs that are just nearly completed. So get ready...finish up all your WIPs in preparation. It's going to be a peaceful spring/autumn filled with knitting.

Mindful Monday #12

In celebration of International Day of Happiness and Equinox, I've selected some of my favorite music...one for the Northern Hemisphere and the other for the Southern Hemisphere. One by Vivaldi, the other by George Winston.

One of the suggestions on the Action for Happiness website recommended the following:

1. Write down 3 things that make you happy

2. Do 3 things that make you happy

The other mindful action items for this week pertains to Equinox.

First, remember to knit for peace tomorrow, the 21st of the month.

Second, find a way to celebrate Equinox. Perhaps go for a walk hunting for signs of spring or fall. Someone on the Ravelry site suggested laying on the ground looking up at the magnificent sky feeling the earth beneath them. Light a candle (or have a bonfire) to honor the changing seasons. Get creative, have fun with this and make it a happy celebration.

spring flower doodle border.jpg