by Christina

Sometimes you just have to put your head down and get the job done. I'm sure there is a quote out there to capture that feeling but nothing is coming to mind. I digress...I have news!

Announcing Coddiwomple, a mystery knit-along and WALK-along and if you purchase the pattern now through April 2, it's automatically 20% off. No coupon code needed. Once we begin on Monday April 3rd, the pattern will be full price.

When you purchase the pattern now, you'll receive the specifics regarding the project and walk-along. The actual knit-along and walk-along begins April 3rd. On that day, you'll receive the first knitting clue. The subsequent clues will be delivered to you via Ravelry on the following Sunday evenings in April with a final wrap-up on April 30. 

A word about walk-alongs. Most people know what a mystery knit-along don't know all the details on what you're knitting so it's a surprise (aka mystery). But a walk-along is a term that I created to compliment the knit-along. This will be the 4th Healthy Knitter walk-along and I try to do something different each time. For the new special twist, when you purchase the pattern, your name will be added to a private email list. You'll receive an email from me daily from April 3-30 to inspire, motivate and encourage you to accomplish your walking goal(s). Opting out is fine if you just don't want one more email in your inbox. These will be simple tips (much shorter than Project Peace) and might just include a recipe or two.

April can be a challenging month to get out there and walk due to crazy weather. Committing to the walk-along is a great way to remain engaged even when you'd rather stay inside or forgo that walk.

Now, if you find yourself saying this "I just can't take on one more knitting project" and deciding this isn't for you, think about this for a moment. The "pattern" is $5.20 (while on sale). That's approximately 20 cents per day...even if you don't want to knit right now, you can receive daily encouragement. What else can you buy for 20 cents a day? What other support will you find to aide you in walking that costs less? Make a commitment to you and let's get walking (and knitting).

Now, what does Coddiwomple mean? That's part of the mystery but refrain from looking it up. Trust in the process and enjoy the final product.

coddiwomple chevron_500.jpg


It's been almost a week since the project bags were mailed. I've heard from a few people and treasure your amazing feedback. Thank you for all the kind words about my mum's sewing skills...she is truly amazing and does incredible work. She's over 25% of the way through the next batch so if you are on the wait-list, please know there is progress. I didn't reply to everyone that sent me an email for the wait-list but will do so when they are ready.

Soon, I'll be updating the online shop with a few additional items including Project Peace wooden rulers and peace buttons, custom made by Katrinkles. I didn't order very many because I wanted to see what the level of interest might be. I'll announce the update so you can be ready if you are interested. From there, I'll find out if that's something to re-stock.

Mindful Monday Tip #13

Well, this one will be sad and is a bit deep. Today we said good-bye to our amazing dog. His name was Dutch, a Bernese Mountain dog. He was only 7.5 years old but that's actually old for that breed. It's been rough. We were blessed to have an amazing dog that treated us so well. We were fortunate to have a couple of weeks with him to say good-bye but that final day, today has been a heart-breaker.

As you step into this new week, do you have someone that you should rekindle a relationship with? Do you have fences to mend? Life is too short...

I hope you'll join me for Coddiwomple...

May your body be as active as your needles!