Health and peace...

by Christina

It's a seriously grey day here in Iowa...for weeks, we've been having those kind of days. While many find these days drab and dreary, I find them rejuvenating and comforting. The type of day that says "curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea and some knitting" but yet also "go for a walk and be empowered."

Spring is here, not the upside of spring with sun and full blooms but the aspect of spring where the work is getting done. Things are growing underneath the soil ready to break through the ground or the leaves that are ever-so slowly bursting out of their shell and ready to uncoil.

Each time I go for a walk whether it be an intentional one or for transportation, I'm looking for signs of spring. I was delighted today to see some color! Albeit lichen and moss growing on a tree.

But then I found evidence of spring flowers to go with our showers...

Today marks the beginning of Coddiwomple, a mystery knit-along and walk-along. It's a pattern for sale on Ravelry that includes the knitting instructions for a wrap/scarf as well as daily emails from me with some encouragement to walk during the month of April. Even if you don't need any more knitting projects, you might just want a little motivation to get walking. It's been a long winter for many of us (or for those of you trying to maintain your summer enthusiasm as you head into winter) and getting moving again can be challenging.

If you've signed up GREAT! If you haven't signed up, consider doing so as a gift to yourself, a gift of health and peace. You might also consider "gifting" it to a fellow knitting friend. Then you can walk together whether you live in the same town or chat on the phone with one another while walking regardless of the miles in between. Alternatively, you could meet at your LYS and walk before you knit...or after you knit. Don't forget you can join the Healthy Knitter group on Ravelry and follow/participate in the "Coddiwomple walking" thread. So many ways to support one another with our walking goals and remember we are a "kindness of knitters."


Just 1 mum, aka "grey grandmother" is making progress on the next round of bags. They should be arriving in Iowa at the end of this week, then off to the screen printers. I'm busy making tags and working on envelopes. I hope by now everyone has received their order from the first round of bags yet I'm suspecting that the international orders might still be in transit.

Mindful Monday Tip #14

Your health is one component of peace. That's not to say that you have to be the perfect specimen of health to have peace. No, not at all. But if you are engaging in healthful practices it may be easier to find peace in your day.

What does health look like? What does it feel like? There are so many ways to answer these questions. Feel free to comment.

So today, let's go for a walk. Make this your mantra...each day upon rising say to yourself "Today, let's go for a walk." It's the mantra that never expires! I love this song but if we continually wait for the perfect conditions we might just always be waiting for tomorrow.

May you have a week filled with lots of stitches and steps...